LP Archery Products
Proudly Made in the USA

LP Archery Products, LLC was founded by Larry J. Popa of Wyoming, MI in 2001. Larry attended Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI and Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, MI.  He studied Mechanical Engineering and Solar Energy Technology, from 1980 through 1985.

In November of 1985, Larry moved to Denver, CO where he was employed as a contract designer.  In 1993, Larry moved back to Michigan and began designing internal and external components for construction industry lasers.  At that point, he got back into archery and began attending local and national archery shoots.  He saw the need for a light-weight bow kickstand that could easily be carried and tucked away. Eight months later he introduced the Pro-POD at the 2001 ATA show.  Within a few months, Larry left his current engineering job to devote all his efforts toward LP Archery Products.

In 2003 the Pro-Light DX was first seen on the tournament circuit and due to its incredible success and archer demand, it has become one of the more common accessories for archers.

After initially showing the Pro-SITE in 2005, and receiving a few suggestions from top archers and bow hunters, Larry decided it wasn’t quite ready for production. But with a few refinements, LP Archery Products is very proud to introduce the Pro-SITE -- combining features of competition, fixed pin, and adjustable hunting sights into one ULTIMATE hunting sight. This new sight will set the bar high -- until you see it, you won’t believe it! Check it out at our trailer or at a national tournament.  In 2009, a building for LP Archery Products was built.  It was designed for maximum efficiency and future products growth.  Be sure to watch for our next innovative archery accessory very soon.

Larry and Rane Popa